Modern Rugs

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  • Moroccan Shaggy Rug (5530)

    Moroccan Shaggy Rug (5530)

    Price From: £39.00
  • Silver Shaggy

    Silver Shaggy

    Price From: £19.00
  • Shaggy White

    Shaggy White

    Price From: £19.00
  • Traditional Persian Patchwork 3.7 X 5.6

    Traditional Persian Patchwork 3.7 X 5.6

  • Black Shaggy

    Black Shaggy

    Price From: £19.00
  • Purple Shaggy

    Purple Shaggy

    Price From: £19.00
  • Blue Shaggy

    Blue Shaggy

    Price From: £14.99
  • Trendy Red

    Trendy Red

    Price From: £6.99
  • Red Shaggy 5cm Pile

    Red Shaggy 5cm Pile

    Price From: £19.00
  • Brown Shaggy

    Brown Shaggy

    Price From: £19.00
  • Traditional Persian Patchwork Rug 6.6X4.9

    Traditional Persian Patchwork Rug 6.6X4.9

  • Green Shaggy

    Green Shaggy

    Price From: £0.00
  • Dark Beige Shaggy

    Dark Beige Shaggy

    Price From: £19.00
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13 Item(s)

A2zrug is well-known for offering the largest online collection of modern rugs in UK. If you are looking for modern Persian rugs for your home then it offers exclusive, classic and innovative look to your interior. Choose from plethora of design, and colour of modern rug and complement a variety of decorating concepts. Add personal style to your home with attractive modern rug. Here, you can find colourful pattern of rugs that easily suits everyone’s style and needs.

Whether you are looking for the simplicity and classic look of your decor, modern rug is great for all. When you place the rugs on your wooden floor, you can easily give cosy atmosphere and extra touch to any type of room. The flower print, geometric pattern, stripes and tribal print rug gives rich look to your interior decor.

The modern rugs really adds focal point to any room also help to create texture and balance in your existing decor. No matter the fabric of the rug and size from wool rug to handmade rugs, there is no better way to update your style than with a modern rugs. We offer you the collection of modern persian rugs design that includes floral pattern and modern patchwork that gives a soothing ambiance in your home decor. The colourful with attractive designs of the UK modern rugs easily available that help you to find a fabulous rug and you love to enhance your home.

The modern rugs not only looks stunning in your home but also complement your wall colour, curtain and another furnishing as well. If you are looking for something to brighten up your decor or want to protect your floor, rug is perfect for all. Our extra ordinary collection of rug easily suits with your decor.